Biggie with Canopy and balanced props04:35

Problems addressed in this test-flight:
– Loss of Altitude after horizontal run in Alt Stabilized modes.
Details here:
– vibrations from unbalanced props

Parts used:
– Tarot 650 IronMan
– Tarot 680Pro Carbon Fiber Pattern Canopy
– extended arms TL68B25 Black TL68B26 Red
– RCTimer 17 props
– RCTimer 5010 360KV motors
– RCTimer NFS 30A Opto
– HKPilot32 (Pixhawk 2.4.5) flight controller
– PX4FLOW Smart Camera
– HKPilot Transceiver Telemetry Radio Set V2 (433Mhz)
– FlySky TH9X remote
– Multistar 10.000 mAh battery

Total weight: 2.4 Kg

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