Blade 350 QX2 AP Combo RTF Quadcopter Unboxing and Flight11:02


See what you will find in the box. Unboxing and first flight with 350 QX2 AP Combo RTF with SAFE Technology by BLADE , and comparative flight to the Blade 350 QX with no Gimbal.

350 QX2 AP Combo RTF with SAFE

Key Features

Included C-Go 1 Camera 1080P/30
Included 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal
Large 3S 3000mAh Flight Battery
5.8Ghz Wi-Fi Video Downlink to Supported Devices
Improved Receiver with External Antenna
Improved GPS
Visual Compass Error Detection
Compatible with All Spektrum Radios

Following our passion for innovating convenient ways to fly, we have taken the Blade 350 QX to the next level. Introducing the 350 QX AP Combo RTF, a fully integrated aerial photography solution. We’ve listened to the customer and built that feedback into the next generation of the 350 QX.

This model includes a plethora of new features including:
• 2-axis brushless gimbal with optional pitch control
• 1080/30 camera with 720/30 video downlink to mobile devices
• 3S 3000 mAh flight battery for extended shoots
• New DX4 Transmitter

The 350 QX AP Combo also takes on a host of upgrades to the existing system including:
• New RF chipset with external antenna
• Improved GPS performance and accuracy
• Visual compass error detection to alert the user for calibration
• Simplified radio solution for ease of use
• Included AC/DC charging solution
• White battery hatch for improved orientation

The 350 QX AP Combo captures incredible aerial footage without any of the hassle of buying several components and is backed by the best support in the industry should you ever need it. Feel free to stop looking, you’ve found the perfect AP solution for your fleet!

Smart Mode: GPS/Altitude Hold, SAFE Circle™ feature and Stick Relativity
AP Mode: Limited flight envelope, self-leveling and GPS/Altitude Hold. Damped, self-leveling for improved video quality.
Stability Mode: Limited flight envelope, self-leveling and GPS hold.
Agility Mode: Aerobatic performance with AS3X™ flight characteristics and unlimited flight envelope. For experienced pilots only. Only available with Spektrum™ DX6i or higher transmitters (Endpoint adjustment is necessary)
Return Home and Land: Returns the 350 QX to the home position and lands at the pilots command.

Product Specifications

Main Rotor Diameter: 22.8 in (580mm)
Gross Weight: 35.5 oz (1006 g)
Length: 18.3 in (465mm)
Rotor Blade Length: 8.27 in (210mm)
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Beginner
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Is Assembly Required: No

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