Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter | High Altitude FPV Flight, Pleasley06:12

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I finally got the FPV linked up to the GoPro, after receiving a faulty cable initially. It was a beautiful clear morning again, albeit a little windy at altitude. I was actually in GPS position hold mode for most of the flight, but higher up the wind was pretty strong, causing me to drift some way downwind. I used RTL mode to return the CX-20 to home, which took some time against the strong headwind. Back on the ground it was getting pretty gusty, and the auto landing tried to compensate a little too hard for a gust that died off, causing it to tip forward on landing and hit the front props. Thankfully no harm done though, other than a scuff on one of the props.
Technical Details
Quadcopter: Cheerson CX-20 (Quanum Nova)
Camera: GoPro Hero4 Silver
Gimbal: Walkera G-2D
Flight Mode: FPV to aim the camera at altitude. GPS Hold/RTL for the rest

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