Contixo F5 Altitude Hold Wifi FPV Unboxing and Review

The first thing I noticed about the Contixo F5 quadcopter is how much it looks like the Yuneec Q500. It is a sweet looking quad, but looks alone does not a good quadcopter make. It flies really well. Out of the 6-7 altitude hold quads I have flown, this one definitely executes this feature the best. Usually quadcopters either dip to the ground or gain altitude when giving full pitch in the high rate, but the F5 maintains its altitude no matter what. Don’t expect to be blown away by the video quality, but that is the case for most toy quadcopters. Find it on Amazon here:

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The Contixo F5 is a rebrand of the JXD 509G which you can find here:

-Solid altitude hold makes this a smooth flyer
-Headless mode actually works well
-WiFi video feed is fairly stable
-The camera can be tilted
-Auto-start and stop
-Labeled remote controller
-On/off switch
-Durable propellers

-Video quality is meh

“Ice Flow” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…

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12 Responses

  1. Christopher Tocke says:

    Thanks for the review man… Very cool product

  2. Robert Ung says:

    What does the battery look like

  3. Joey Metke says:

    how do connect the controller to the drone? I connected it to my smart
    phone but not the controller.

  4. Fishing oklahoma says:

    I have the same drone but every time I take off the drone goes forward how
    do I fix it? And what is the app called

  5. Mason Anderson says:

    Hey I’m trying to connect my phone to the drone but it’s not showing up in
    the WI-FI settings

  6. Mason Anderson says:

    For contixo f5

  7. Mason Anderson says:

    Ok thank you


    I got this for Christmas and it seems to be going really fast. How do I
    turn it down? Speed wise?


    How to make it fly straight? Hover straight?

  10. tammy king says:

    If you had a choice between the Contixo F4 and F5, which would you choose.
    I received both for Christmas and need to know which to keep. I am a
    photographer, and just wanted to play with the thought of using them during
    some of my shoots and would love your input since you have reviewed both.
    Thanks! Happy New Year

  11. Sahara Natasha says:

    just bought this drone on a whim to play with and I had no clue it was this
    cool. this is a great review! you have a good personality for videos and
    explain things well. keep it up! you’re really helping new flyers out!!

  12. Alexander Dubz says:

    Hey gadget inspector, I just got this drone and am wondering how I install
    the video camera and also what app do I need to get to use it? my email
    address is , it would be a lot easier to talk back
    and forth using email, please shoot me an email at your earliest

    Thanks man.

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