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Drone GPS 4K 5G WiFi live video FPV 4K or 1080P HD Wide Angle Camera Foldable Altitude Hold Durable 4DRC Drone
Review Page: http://shopperhill.com/details/drone-gps-4k-5g-wifi-live-video-fpv-4k-or-1080p-hd-wide-angle-camera-foldable-altitude-hold-durable-rc-drone/
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Drone GPS 4K 5G WiFi live video FPV 4K/1080P HD Wide Angle Camera Foldable Altitude Hold Durable 4DRC Drone

-With foldable arms, it is compact and easy to carry.
-GPS positioning mode can provide more accurate flight.
-With 5G / 2.4G wifi function, can be connected to APP, APK system to take pictures / videos, transfer images in real time through mobile phone camera
-5G wifi fpv distance can reach 300m. 2.4G WIFI 720P / 2.4G WIFI 1080P / 2.4G WiFi 4K HD / 5G WiFi 720P/5G WiFi 1080P/5G WiFi 4K HD camera can provide a variety of high-definition images and videos.
-Follow me: The plane will control the phone fixedly and follow the direction of movement of the operator.
-With altitude hold mode function, it can provide stable flight.
-The orbital motion will make the plane fly in circles, providing a cooler shooting angle.
-Waypoint flight mode, just draw a route on the screen and use the helicopter as a given path.
-Using 7.4V 2000mAh battery, flight time is up to 25 minutes.
-Headless mode, no need to adjust aircraft position before flight.
-One-click back function, you can easily find your way home.
-One-click takeoff / landing. One-button take-off or landing automatically, the drone will take off or return to the take-off position.
-With low power protection overcurrent protection.
-Anti-interference uses 2.4GHz technology.
-4 channels, you can fly up, down, forward, backward, left, right.
-Six-axis gyroscope for more stable flight and easier control.
-It has 3 flight speed switch levels to make flying more fun.
-The quadrotor fuselage is made of high-strength, high-strength engineering plastics, which is light and durable.

Drone GPS 4K 5G WiFi live video FPV 4K or 1080P HD Wide Angle Camera Foldable Altitude Hold Durable RC Drone

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