First flight of my now fully loaded quadcopter, and then …03:20

I’ve finished modifying my cx-20 to carry two 2700mah batteries internally.

This is the first flight with everything added: 2x 2700mah, cheap 2 axis gimbal, fpv transmitter with osd and telemetry. All together it weighs 1.403kg!

The flight started well; strong take off, controllable and responsive. The trouble started at the 1:10 point, I throttled down to reduce altitude and it just seemed to drop out of the sky. I have it full thriller and it just kept falling. I managed to recover close to the ground by putting in forward stick.

It happened again at 2:30 and again I recovered. But not fully, cause it them just dropped and kept going.

The sound when it hits the ground is almost human!

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