Hubsan X4 Camera Plus H107C+ Mini Quadcopter REVIEW06:30

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– Easy to fly with altitude hold mode as quadcopter will hover when you let go of elevator stick
– Mode 2 transmitter, easy to use and there’s advance option to reverse and change sensitivity
– 720p camera, decent footage outdoor, indoor more noisy and grainy
– Record to microSD card, not included
– 2x proprietary batteries, each takes about 40 minutes to charge and good for 7-8 minutes
– Range is over 100 feet easily with this quadcopter
– When it’s out of battery, it will fall straight to the ground. Beware of 2 minutes warning

Overall it’s a very fun quadcopter and easy to fly, camera are decent and video footage are stables. I do wish they have external charger so you can charge and play but perhaps that will be an extra adapter you have to buy.

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