Hubsan X4 Quadcopter MUST-DO Mods and Tips

Hubsan X4 H107C 2.0MP HD Quadcopter MUST-DO Mods and Recommendations, Tips and Tricks.
– Power cable glue down.
– LED downward aim.
– Controller calibration
– Controller tips for steady altitude flight
– Controller expert mode
– Controller anti flip mode
– Battery voltage test

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21 Responses

  1. Sublime Artistry says:

    Thanks for the video.

  2. Michael Thompson says:

    With respect it’s a volt meter or multimeter. No “o” required.
    That aside thank you so much for the tips.
    I just bought the non-camera version and the tape trick and securing the
    wires are a couple of winners!
    Thanks for posting this!

  3. Mohamad Khalil Hamieh says:


  4. Austin King says:

    Hi I’m looking at getting the x4 h107c and I had a question. When you say
    expert mode does that mean it goes to 3 axis instead of the 6 axis gyro?

  5. time for some fpv action says:

    so when you go to expert mode then click the left stick it wont flip? i
    want more then 60% but in expert i flip when i dont want to

  6. DJ Dave says:

    Hi , Please answer 🙂 How did u made The LED downward ? Its very cool! Can
    you make a tutorial for that? By The way: Good Video,Good Tips!

  7. Michael Adriaanse says:

    I did flip LEDs

  8. hunty11 says:

    When you mention max altitude flight, how do you know when it’s at max
    altitude without it going out of range and crashing? Thanks.

  9. nopike2big says:

    Before you calibrate the controller you gotta set all your trims at 50
    first..sorry but its all good trimming it to fly level into a side wind
    until that breeze knocks you off track and your controls are set 70% left
    30% right etc then you hit problems.

  10. nopike2big says:

    You should always trim it so it flys perfectly level in no breeze..then
    take it into the wind..that way if you hit a problem you have full control
    left right forward thing you can do is use the forward trim only
    for can cut straight into a very strong wind with it trimmed
    right forward..just remember you ain’t got much backwards then ;)

  11. GenoGENOVA says:

    what do you mean by Enter Flip mode ?
    it is possible to deactivate the flip functionality in expert mode with the
    left stick ?

  12. Patrick v Grieken says:

    If you trim it down like that, when its windy… and you fly back again..
    No trim with wind, Hover

  13. Max HD Games says:

    4:45 #420blazeit get rekt #swag 1v1 me skrub

  14. Henry Noorsalu says:

    #4.20 voltage :p

  15. Fábio Castro says:

    My new 107L keeps drifting backwards and in seconds it reached a point
    where you can’t even compensate by pushing forward. I’ve recalibrated it
    many times but without any luck. Its pretty much useless indoors, in Expert
    Mode outdoors you can compensate by pushing forward. I guess i have a bad
    motor, by the sound of it

  16. TheTubeTempest says:

    it looks even cooler if you take the led wires out of the legs and have
    them sticking straight out through the body. The wire supports the lights
    and you can bend them to point any way. it looks bigger at night.

  17. lotuschile says:

    I had and idea about flipping the led’s.
    spray the under side of each blade with ”CHROME COLOURED PAINT ”
    i havnt tried it yet but it seems less fiddly than messing with the
    cables………….might look trippy too :p

  18. Ranardo Hopkins says:

    Thank you Michael . I have one of these on the way. Say’s it will be here
    in 2 day’s. I may be needing some advise . I never thought of and like the
    trim adjustment in the wind and I agree I do that indoor’s but never
    thought of it out side. DUHAAA ! LOL
    Thank you !! I’ll give you my input if I find any I think is worthy, and at
    least tell you what I think of it.

  19. Anto Elektrokiller says:

    Nice tips Michael!i wanna ask you what charger are you using.the one it
    comes witch the drone(the usb wire)? ’cause i’m using it but i think its
    better to buy a serious charger but if you never had problems i’ll continue
    to use this!and what do you think about changing the batteries to 500 mah,
    is it worth?

  20. Michael Adriaanse says:

    I have multi charger. As for the 500mah, the weight will essentially bring
    flight time down to stock .

  21. Ian Lainchbury says:

    Great Vid. Well worth turning the rates down in standard mode too…. right
    joystick in for two seconds, then adjust the trims, clicking the left
    joystick between adjustments. It’s in the manual, but not easy to see. I
    fly mine on 35% and it’s much better.

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