Mayday Mayday High Altitude FPV Flight caught in Big Rain15:08

High Altitude FPV in Hard rain sounds crazy. But it was a real thrilling adventure for me. In this video I fly my old trust long range FPV plane Skywalker to test the new Birds Eye View special antennas for FPV. Company claims that these antennas not only improve the image quality but also improve the range greatly using various FPV Video transmitter setup. Even a low power like 25mw video transmitter can give you 10km live video using these antennas. So to put their claim to a test, I use a 200mw 5.8ghz Video Transmitter onboard my skywalker with these new antennas.

Honestly I was impressed and amazed that how greatly my picture quality and video range was improved using bird’s eye view antennas. I flew about 3+ km and never lost video on that little 200mw video transmitter that gave me only 1km range using stock antennas. So bird’s eye view claim is practically good. These antennas from bird eye view do increase the range and video quality.

After testing, I thought I had enough battery to go for some cloud surfing. A big black cloud was approaching right over my head and I went for it. When I was about 500 meters altitude and about to go into cloud, it started raining. I did not notice at first, because plane was too high and hard to see rain drops from FPV camera. But when rain drops reach to ground, I started to get goose bumps. I activate RTH on my Skywalker to get it back home but it was too late. It started raining hard already. And I had to fly my skywalker from that altitude all the way down to ground and land it safely during big rain.

I managed to get my plane back with a safe precision landing. And I was surprised that how well all the systems work all the time even in big rain. I never lost control signals, never lost my video (thanks to bird’s eye view special antennas) and MFD autopilot inside the plane, with its GPS outside the plane worked simply perfect all the time.

So to conclude, MFD Autopilot is the bestest autopilot out there in the market, Birds eye view antennas are the best antennas I used so far, clear video even in big rain using a cheap low power Video transmitter and Skywalker that still flew super awesome in this big rain. Credit also goes to Mobius HD camera that kept running despite of all the rain drops on it, Aomway 5.8ghz 200mw video system that kept working despite of all the water on it and my Futaba 14SG radio system that had solid link to the plane in this hard rain.
It was an adventure and a thrilling experience for me. Though I know that with above mentioned gear I can fly in rain but I will not try to redo such flight on purposes. It was an emergency for me and I am happy everything handled just great. Stay safe and do FPV flights with responsibility.

You can get birds eye view antennas here.

You can get AOMWAY 200mw 5.8ghz Awesome FPV System here

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