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Let’s review in dept the MJX Bugs 5W (B5W)

А big thanks to MJX for sending the drone over for a test!
The box is similar to last year’s models and the drone is well protected from any kind of shocks. Included components are standard – there’s a smartphone holder – quite a good one, there is a charging kit, a few replacement units, the transmitter and the drone itself. The battery life is something that I’m still exploring – capacity is the same as for the Bugs 3 and the Bugs 2 models – 1800mAh, and that should be good for around 15 minutes of flight. The build quality of the drone is superb – MJX have been testing different materials – a more flexible plastic for the bugs 3, which was rather easy to break, through the Bugs 2, which had glossy finish and felt somewhat cheaper. The plastic here seems to be thick, and shock resistant. Only concern may be the landing gear – not sure if they can survive a serious crash, but are luckily easy to find and not expensive at all.
MJX has packed a handful of features, including follow me, points of interest, way-points and real-time 5G FPV. So far that sounds great! And is an enhancement to the additions we already had with bugs 2 – like headless mode, GPS, altitude hold, automatic return and so on.
Meaning that the 5W is quite an attractive choice, especially at a price of 199. The main difference between it and more expensive models is the camera. The Cheapest DJI model, for example, the spark, also has a 1080p camera, however it has a 2-axis gimbal and software-driven third axis, which gives you fabulously steady footage.
Before the first flight with the MJX Bugs 5W it is a good idea to read the user guide, because the functions supported are quite many. It is a good idea to install the Bugs go app – the start screen lets you choose your exact model, and there is also a detailed guide about all the functions. And their amount is impressive! It is hard to believe that all that has made it to a 200-dollar device!

Flight performance:
Stability is at a top level, so are both the GPS and the barometer – there have been no serious deviations during my flights. You probably know that being connected to at least 7-8 satellites is desirable for more precise operation. There is of course the option to disable GPS assistance.
Automatic takeoff, automatic landing, low battery return to home – they never failed me. And the way-points feature is quite interesting too, letting you draw the path that the B5W will follow. I was very curious to test the follow me function – and you can see the results yourself.

The video stream is 1080p and quality is very satisfactory. On a bright day you will see a lot of details. If light is less, the video won’t be superb. But – because of the limited megapixels, the camera is quite good at low light – it has a lot of noise, but many objects are well visible.
You can also do photos – they are activated by a short press of the button. The long press starts the video recording and you will notice a change in the LED indication.
As for conclusion – I am delighted. MJX’s first drone based on brush-less motors – the bugs 3 was a great success. And less than two years after it – we have this – and it feels awesome. Certainly not suitable for pro-grade photography, but for $200 – this is the best ratio you get in terms of features for that price!


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