MJX X102H Flight Test.04:46


A slightly rough and ready flight test of the MJX X102H Quad with Altitude hold using a SJ4000 sports cam cut short by cam battery failure. I think less vibration could be achieved using the MJX C4015 cam, as it could be mounted higher up against the body. An adapter for the C4015 cam comes with the quad accessories as standard.

The sports cam mounting oscillates quite a bit.A lot of vibration can be removed by carefully balancing the props, and the quad itself is relatively vibration free. But the underslung battery/cam mount does not help. Overall, the X102H flies nicely imo, and the altitude hold at least on mine performed well. Manual landing is recommended rather than the provided autoland facility. Flight time with a sports cam is around 8 mins with a 30 sec LVC warning, and the quad carried the SJ with no problems at all. Not bad going for a none hobby grade quadcopter costing so little.

I was very kindly sponsored by Gearbest.Com for this model, and you can find it here:


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