Quadcopter Death Spiral – Wobble of Death – JJRC H8C05:01


A Night Flight With A Signal Loss at Altitude causes the wobble of death (AKA vortex ring state).

Here we are flying both the JJRC H8C and the JJRC H12C at a lighted park at night. Both quad copters had the 1080p cameras attached. It was windy but we figured we’d stay low. About 3:15 in, I decide to take it over to the next field and get a video of the soccer game. I start to fly under the trees but I was far away and the hanging tree branches were difficult to see so I back away and go up! The wind catches the quad and it takes me a minute before I realize it is drifting out of range. I turn the quad back into the wind and am fighting to get it back but the headwinds are too strong (even full nose down into the wind). While I am running to get closer, it loses connection to the transmitter causing the quadcopter to start a wobble of death which I can’t recover from.

One of the kids in the park ran over and picked it up for me. I guess the grass cushioned the fall since there was no damage at all (which is really amazing ).

Lesson learned here == don’t fly in the wind!

The 1080P camera sometimes cuts off portions of your videos and it clipped about the first minute of this flight. Keep an eye out for 0kb files and/or corrupt files with the 1080p. We are working to figure out what causes this problem.

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