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This is a Quadcopter simulator for Android and iOS. Its a Sim with FPV, HUD, Control sensitivity, auto-stabilization, altitude hold and much more stuff..

Basic Tutorial for beginner Starts at 1:35

Google Play Store Link Paid App No inapp Purchases (Everything enabled):

Apple Store Link Paid app No inapp purchases (Everything Enabled):

Google Play Store Link Free App with inapp Purchases:

An App for Novice or expert Quadcopter / Multirotor RC Drone users to practice skills and to have fun.


1) Based on real physics Model of Quadcopter

2) Interactive selection of different cameras modes:
* Eye level Camera
* Two First Person View Cameras
* Follow Camera
You can now walk around while flying, looking at the quad either by dragging the middle of screen or by enabling accelerometer button on the left side in the Eye level Camera Mode..

3) Heads up Display(HUD)
Displaying real-time Pitch, Roll, Heading, Altitude and Speed.

4) Adjustable Control sensitivity Settings
Input control sensitivity settings can be adjusted via settings page.

5) Auto Stabilizing adjustable
Auto stabilizing sensitivity can be adjusted via settings page.
Tip: Expert users can reduce or disable this feature. Novice user can increase this feature.

6) Altitude Hold Switch
If ON the quad will try to maintain the altitude when it was switched on.
warning: If Auto Stabilizing is set to low and/or control sensitivity is set to high, be gentle with controls or it might not be able to hold altitude.

7) Advanced Settings added via in-App purchase
If enabled users can change the Total Weight and Total thrust values. Very useful features to test when making your own Quadcopter or planning to buy one. Or to check how much payload can be lifted. Also once enabled it will be enabled for all the other Quads.

8) Multiple Quad Selection via in-app Purchases.

9) Multiple mode Input Support.
Now it supports mode1, mode2. mode3, mode4 and accelerometers. You can change via settings page

10) Camera rotation in FPV camera.
Click and Drag from center of screen on FPV1 camera. Double click in center to reset.

11) Added Dynamic Wind
Wind effect will reduce when behind the building.

11) Added some basic Challenges for Time Pass.

12) Added Ground Effects.

13) Multiple Scene Selection via in-app Purchase

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