Record 30,203ft (Above Sea Level) flight – 1,174ft higher than Mount Everest45:57


The plane launched at a starting point of 643ft (ASL – above sea level) and climbed an additional 9010m or 29,560ft (AGL – above ground level) at 35:38 in the video. So, the total (ASL – above sea level) height is: 643ft + 29,560ft = 30,203ft.

Since Mount Everest is 29,029ft (ASL – above sea level), the plane flew 1,174ft higher than the Earth’s highest (ASL – above sea level) mountain in the world.

The temp. reading shown in the OSD (upper left corner) is an internal ambient temp gauge inside the foam insulated plane and within the GPS/MAG sensor. The GPS unit is velcro’d directly on top of the AP controller inside the plane. The actual outside temp at ~9000m altitude is estimated to be -36deg C or -32.8deg F while it was 89 deg F on the ground.

– Mini Talon (modified to 1420mm wing span)
CG set at 55mm from the leading edge
Wing span (stock): 1300mm
Wing span (w/wing extensions): 1420mm
Wing area (stock): 30 dm^2
Wing area (w/wing extensions): 32.79 dm^2
– AUW: 2142g
– (2) Wing extensions measured 58.58mm wide ea.
– 500mm long main spar (replaced the stock 385mm long main spar)
– (2) Multistar 5200mah 4S Lipos (10,400mah total)
– (2) AER7234/46 Aeronaut folding props 12 x 6.5 (the props come in a package of two)
– Cobra 2820/14 840Kv Motor
– Cobra 60A ESC (the green stripe) w/6A BEC (not used)
– Hitec HS-65MG Mighty Metal Gear “Analog” Servos
– DragonLink V3 UHF
– 1.2Ghz 800mW Vtx
– Castle Creations 10Amp BEC
– Runcam Swift 1
– Runcam HD2 (stopped working at 7327m on the ascent)

Please feel free to download any of my 3D print designs for your radio control FPV needs @

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