Syma X8HG Large Altitude Hold Camera Drone Flight Test Review15:59

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This upgrade to the popular Syma X8G includes altitude hold to enable easy stable flying for aerial video. I know it’s been out a while, but I just got a chance to try it. Find it here or here on Amazon

– Nice candy apple red finish.
– Altitude hold feature works very well, and greatly eases flying of the quadcopter.
– Relatively good video from included remote controlled 1080p camera. Camera resolutions include 1080p @ 30fps, and 720p @ 60fps.
– Camera can be removed and replaced with a GoPro camera.
– Uses the same widely available and inexpensive parts/batteries of the Syma X8 series quadcopters.

– Reduced range as compared to the original X8G model (about 100 meters vs. about 300 meters of original X8G).
– One of the motor shutdown procedures can possibly result in the accidental shutdown of the motors in-flight if not careful.
– Some jello noted in aerial video when flown stock out of the box. Props may need minor balancing to reduce the jello.

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