Syma X8HG Stock vs GoPro Quadcopter Review16:52


Syma continues to improve the next generation of budget quadcopters with barometer sensors for Altitude Hold, adding it to the Syma X8HG and X8HC. This summer, teaching a beginner to fly a quadcopter has never been easier, when the height of the aircraft is constantly level, allowing the pilot to focus on forward flying and yawing around.

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A total of 6 cameras were used to film this episode. In the order, Gopro 3+B, Sony HX-30v, Keychain 808 #16D selfie flight, Firefly 6s postcard scene, Syma stock HD cam onboard and shoutout to my friend founder of Gitup for that Git2 ground view. As a producer and artist, I hope to continue to bring more quality videos, as well as music.

Factory Specifications:
Model: X8HG
Gyro:6 axis
Camera: Photo/Video(8.0MP)
Battery:7.4V 2000MAH
Flight Time:5-7 Minutes
Radio Control Range: 70m
Battery for Transmitter: 4 x AA batteries
Weight: 612g
model size: 50*50*19cm

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Starring: Syma X8HG
Producer: Leo, Well
Prelude : Leo “My Living Postcard, from dad to son”
Pilots: Leo, Brian
Editorial: Allan, Kate, Edy
Camera & Storyboard: Leo
Guest Appearance Allan, Brian.. rock it buddy!

Music: U2 One Cover – Gleisson Assis, Microchip

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