Tozo Q2020 Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Review

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8 Responses

  1. EAGLE GAMING says:

    Nice quad!

  2. John Wedrall says:

    I’m lovin your videos ! I live in the USA. Some of the quads you review are not available in the the USA. 😟 I still watch and learn from your videos, thanks !

  3. CAPTCOOK says:

    Great review.

  4. Mäni says:

    Beautiful sunset😉

  5. roger cligg says:

    he wanted a little rest!!

  6. Jason Burke says:

    I’m new to the hobby JD, I have a Drocon x708 and a Drocon Bugs 3. Finding it all really addictive. Nice video and new subscriber here. 👍

  7. srjjstocks says:

    For the flip you have to press the button and throttle forward simultaneously.

  8. srjjstocks says:

    He fell out of the sky because you pressed left button for speed for 2 secs just after attempting the flip which is the opposite button. You must have tested it and not realised it switches the engine off.

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