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Get it Here: http://www.xheli.com/28h-wlv303-seeke-rtf.html
WL Toys released its Seeker V303 drone, a competitor, to the famous Walkera X350 and DJI Phantom. If you are looking for a Quadcopter with smooth and stable flight, the V303 Seeker is the ticket. In fact, the Seeker has lots of amazing features right out of the box. It is evident that Walkera has spent a great deal on research and development to create a sensational quadcopter packed with awesome features.

The Seeker Drone comes ready to fly with a 2.4ghz transmitter and 11.1v 2700mah LiPo Battery. Not only does it come with the essential items required to fly the drone it is also equipped with flight enhancing systems such as GPS auto pilot function, Return Home function, altitude sensor with altitude hold, self stabilization mode, and built in failsafe and self landing modes.

The Seeker V303 will never get lost with its GPS and auto pilot system. With the assistance of GPS, the Seeker is fully capable of returning to its starting point on auto pilot. To activate the GPS home function all you need to do is hit a switch on the transmitter. If you happen to run out of range or experience interference, the Seeker V303 will return home on its own without any radio input.

The Seeker V303 is also equipped with an enhanced altitude sensors which adopts the GPS technology allowing satellite recognition and performing location tracking which allows the Seeker V303 to hover at precise altitudes.

This ready to fly machine comes feature packed and is a joy to fly. All the flight enhancing systems makes piloting this machine almost feel like cheating. The system takes over and rewards you with smooth stable flight. Want to get risky? Flip a switch to disable the system and you are in full control.

WL Toys is known for creating excellent flying choppers and quads at an extremely great value. This Seeker V303 is no exception. The Seeker V303 Package is ready to go out of the box.
With 6-axis system,can Raise & Down/Forwards & Backwards/Left & Right Turning/Left & Right Crab Flying/Hanged Flying/360 2.Degree Rotating/Light
GPS Auto Pilot Function
Come Home Button Ready
Low voltage protection(two level)
Failsafe and Self Landing
Set high mode
CF headless mode
PTZ gyro-stabilized

Compass Mode
GPS Hold
Return to Home
Automatic Landing
Intelligent Orientation

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