XK X251 Beginner Practicing Flips and Bank Turns Part 1 – Almost Lost My Quad (NOOB)11:19


Just messing around at the park. Trying to learn Bank Turns and Rambling with my new homemade hat cam. I wish I was as good as the guys on Youtube, like Frequent Flyer, Full Metal Heli, And Dustin Dunnil etc., But I’m just learning.

Brought my Imitation Syma X5 with me to help practice bank turns. Frequent Flyer was right. All quads have there place. Brushed definitely helps improve your manual skills. I have been spoiled flying GPS quadcopters with altitude hold. Manual is where its at so that you can handle shaky situations when your GPS fails or worse. You should learn how to drive stick before using an automatic. IMO

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