A summer with the XuGong v2/Pro Foldable Quadcopter04:19


A selection of clips from videos shot this summer with the new ImmersionRC XuGong v2/Pro.

A unique foldable design, ideal for anyone who wants an ‘eye in the sky’, which is extremely portable. Throw in a backpack while hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, or a trip to a tropical beach.

Flight times of 20 minutes due to the lightweight design, using beautiful use of Carbon Fiber, and CNC-milled aluminium.

Fully integrated FPV electronics based on the popular EzOSD. Dual camera support with automatic fail-over. Flight time estimated and displayed at all times ensures risk-free flight. ImmersionRC telemetry downlink for lost-model location, and antenna tracking.

An integrated brushless gimbal ensures crisp, clear, GoPro footage (including the new GoPro 4).

Deliveries to resellers early November 2014!

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