CATS VS DRONES – the best funny fails compilation 201808:30

Funny moments with cats and drones. Funny Cats being chased by Drones. Cats and drones against each other in a battle for household supremacy! WHO. WILL. WIN?
During the filming, no cat was hurt!)

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Original videos: Кот сбивает дрон Коты против квадрокоптеров ,это война ! Cats vs drones дроны против котов [ DRONS vs CATS ] Коты против квадрокоптера – Психологический триллер – необычное видео с животными Cats vs. Flying Drones! Cats Vs Drones Compilation Cats vs. drones Cats Vs Drones – Video Compilation 2017 #1 | Кошки VS дроны – Подборка 2017 #1 | Квадрокоптер и кот Cat vs Drone Battle of the Century Timo the Ragdoll Cat vs Drone Fast Cat! Jerry’s Drone Adventures: Cat Thinks Drone is “Meh” The cat and the drone Cat Attacks a Toy Drone! Cat Knocks Down Mini Drone The Most Savage Cats Attacking Remote Control Drones & Helicopters & More Cats VS mini-drone Tiger Cat Captures flying Drone Nano Drone meets Cats…. Funny Cat vs Drone Cat vs. quadcopter drone toy Cat vs Drone Cats vs Mini Quadcopter Cats Vs Drones – Video Compilation 2017 #1 | Кошки VS дроны – Подборка 2017 #1 | Квадрокоптер и кот
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