Cheerson CX-20 Nova CX20 FAIL Fall From Sky Quadcopter Drone Crash01:33

First flight with DJI extended landing gear and clip on propeller guards. There was some wind around on the day (nothing I haven’t flown in before). Drone was very unsettled and seemed to struggle with the guards being on, which I think helped with the end result of it flipping. Luckily this happened just before my new gimbal and 4k Camera was installed because the landing gear and my old GoPro 2 took the full impact.

Its been glued and pieced back together for now until the new shell arrives. My problem now is it just beeps constantly when the battery is plugged in with no LEDs lighting up, however when I connect it to USB everything lights up then I can connect the battery and everything works – GPS Locks on, motors can be armed and disarmed and it can even be flown but only for how long the USB cable is. I’ve reset the APM/Flight Controller box even taking it apart and disconnecting the two boards inside but still no luck. Just won’t power up using the battery only.

If anyone knows anything else to try let me know. Thanks

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