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This is the story of my first long range Drone fail, to be clear, it was all my fault, I have the rule No. 1 ignored “Keep Line of sight” Unfortunately I was about 2m too deep behind the mountain when the Fpv failsafe struck this is my first Drone fail on a long range fpv flight ever, as you can see I lost the FPV signal in less than one second almost as if I had flown into a wall, At that moment I only increased the throttle and pulled out slightly to the left, shortly after the signal loss the FPV image came back again, but in this stressful situation I forgot, that this is not my Betaflight Quad, where I set Failsafe to position Hold, on this Quad is Failsafe on Cut, When the FPV signal was gone, also the Crossfire signal was gone and so after 3 seconds the quad was off, on this Quad I set double arm so I would have had to double a switch to save the quad in the air but I simply did not succeed. THIS WAS MY FIRST long range fail, I just concentrated too much on the perfect film line to keep the sun exactly in line with the mountains and was just too low 2m higher and it would have gone better.
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When you just look for my fail then go strait to 2:14
The place where my drone crashed is really a secluded place where it is extremely steep and no way goes up, and there is also a lot of snow, but as always no quad is left behind!
On the first day, the rescue mission was stopped after a three-hour hike, it was too late and I didn’t have enough strength to cross the last big snowfield.
3 days later, my buddy, Tom said to go on, let’s try it again, this time we chose a different route, I live in the mountains and love it, but that was definitely one of my craziest tours ever, a real adventure, unfortunately, I only have a GoPro 7 and this was on my long distance quad, so there are only photos and short videos of my cell phone from this rescue mission
After a strenuous 2 30 long direct ascent through snow and extremely steep hanging we came near the last snowfield where I was sure the crash had happened (I had looked at the DVR about 100 times) and our hope was that the quad would be there or let’s say I hoped to wait for the rest of my quadcopter to lie there. But I was incredibly lucky, my quad was not damaged at all, only the lipo burst open and my GoPro was even on it. I’d say after this crash it’s a miracle that everyone survived so well.
So for all the long range flyers out there don’t forget rule number 1 and make sure you are sure which failsafe setting you have and the best thing to do is try it on the meadow or without props.


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