Drone flips on takeoff10:58

Drone flips on takeoff

In this video we are going to solve the issue that was making my drone flip during the take off. There are mainly 5 different things that we will be needing to check to prevent the issue from happening:

1- Calibrate the Acelerometer
2- Verify the Motor Rotation
3- Check the Propellers
4- Configure PID parameters
5- Double-Check Connections

Also please check my current set-up on the links below, hope you liked it!

Radio FS CT6B:

New version of the FS CT6B (FS-i6):

Motors (1000KV):

Battery (3S 2200mAh):

ESC (30A) Could not find the link to my ESCs but those are actually a little better:

Fligh Controller Crius All in One

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