Drone Simulation and Control, Part 1: Setting Up the Control Problem14:12

Quadcopters and other styles of drones are extremely popular, partly because they have sophisticated programmed control systems that allow them to be stable and fly autonomously with very little human intervention. Their four propellers are spun in precise ways to control the quadcopter in six different degrees of freedom. This is the first video in a series in which we walk through the process of designing a control system that will get a drone to hover at a fixed altitude.

• Simulink Hardware Support Package for PARROT Minidrone: http://bit.ly/2C99ynb
• Introduction to Simulink Hardware Support for PARROT Minidrones: http://bit.ly/2CapENk

This video describes the sensors that come with the Mambo, a parrot minidrone that interfaces with MATLAB® and Simulink®. Future videos will show how we can use these sensors to estimate system states like altitude and speed.

• Quadcopter Simulation and Control Made Easy: http://bit.ly/2CcnHjl
• Modelling, Simulation, and Control of a Quadcopter: http://bit.ly/2CeFI0H

This video also describes how the four propellers can be configured and spun in specific ways that allow the drone to independently roll, pitch, yaw, and thrust.

• Quadcopter Modelling and Simulation: A Case Study for Encouraging Deeper Learning Engagements with Students: http://bit.ly/2Cf08GS
• How to Design and Model a Quadcopter Prototype with Simulink and Arduino:

With knowledge of the sensors, actuators, and the dynamics of the drone itself, we’ll be prepared to develop the control system over the rest of this series.

• Programming Drones with Simulink: http://bit.ly/2CdbFq7
• Quadcopter Modelling with Simulink: http://bit.ly/2CbdeVj

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