Lake George Drone Crash – 2-8-2020 – 4k05:35

Coming down Tongue Mountain approaching fresh ice that looks like a mirror and slammed into it. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom…. broke 4 props and that’s it. It flipped over and skid for 23 seconds on Saturday, February 8th. The ice was too thin to get it and the forecast was not cold until the following weekend. During the week it lightly snowed twice, melted, froze, snowed again and even drizzled a little that week. By the time I retrieved it on Saturday, February 15th is was partially frozen in the ice. Went out in a drysuit, ski boots and alpine skis on 2.5″ of ice. Just thick enough. Melted all the ice and snow with a hair dryer for a couple hours and it flew just fine after that.

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    1. Lisa Audi

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