Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit with Drone / Quadcopter ! Will it FLY? (FAIL)06:18

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit with Drone / Quadcopter ! Will it FLY? (FAIL)
Inspired by the Nintendo Mario Copter or the Mini Mario Copter which was developed as an RC toy.

We are in love with this product. We believe that it’s the absolute future of gaming and the type of technology that our future children will be playing with.
The blend of RC Car and Augmented Reality is honestly stunning!
Sure on the surface it could just be seen as another toy or remote control car but it’s so much more then that – our first impressions are that this is another Nintendo gimmick here to stay!
Mixed Reality meets AR in a truly historic release.

NOTE: This is part of a Mario Kart Home Circuit series where we experiment with its capabilities.

We understand this is going through some stock issues in the US but for our followers in the UK you can buy these from the official Nintendo UK shop in either single bundles of Mario or Luigi or as we got the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Mario and Luigi Double Pack.
This is a link to the Mario Kart Home Circuit corner of the online Nintendo Shop for the UK:

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