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In this video, we will discuss if it make sense to buy a drone which is still in testing phase.

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Now Lets discuss about today’s topic.
On 22 September 2015, India became member of Missile Technology Control Regime, which enabled it to buy armed drones.

Just two days later, Indian air force sent a letter to US Firm General Atomics saying it wanted to purchase 100 Predator C Avenger Drones.

Right now, negotiations are in early stage about potential sale of Predator C Avengers drones to India.

This will be follow on order after the planned acquisition of 22 Unarmed Sea Guardian drones.

The high-speed, multi-mission Avenger is a long-endurance, medium-to-high-altitude Remotely Piloted Aircraft system, that can perform wide-area surveillance, time-sensitive strike missions over land or sea.

Yes, Avenger Drone is most sophisticated unmanned combat air vehicle till date, which can carry up to 3,500 pounds of precision bombs.

This stealth drone can fly for 18 hrs at the height of 50000 feet.

At the whopping cost of $8 Billion India is eager to buy this Drone, but right now Avenger drone is in developmental phase undergoing expanded flight test program.

There were reports that it has been used in Afghanistan and Syria, but its not confirm that it has been deployed in combat operations.

Hence, the question is, does it make sense to spend $8 Billion on a drone, which have never been tested in combat.

Before answering this question, its sad to know that recently Israeli ministry of defense imposing several restrictions on the export and technology transfer of Heron TP combat UAV, which India was particularly interested in to buy 10 Units at the cost of $400 Million.

With these new set of restrictions, the clouds of uncertainty are hanging over the sale of Heron TP armed drones to India.

Please note, future belong to these Remotely Piloted Aircraft. US air force has more drones than fighter aircrafts. Air Forces of all other nations have placed major thrust on their respective drones program. So far as India is concerned, as usual we lagged behind in this area as well.

There is need to become independent Drone manufacturer. In fact, Modi government has allocated 3,000 crore to develop the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles , which can deliver bombs and missiles. This project is right now in design and development phase. As experience suggests, there is no guarantee that Defense Research and Development Organisation will be able to deliver this drone with in time limit of 2020.

Hence, India is left with two options, either to keep this critical gap in defense preparedness open, or to buy Predator C Avengers drones from America.

As part of his America First Policy, President Trump is going to come up with new “Buy American” rules to make it easier to sell U.S.-made military drones overseas and compete against fast-growing Chinese and Israeli rivals.

These Simplified export rules could easily generate thousands of jobs in America. Thus helping Trump to fulfill his main election promise.

Hence, it is just matter of time, when America will approve sale of Avengers drones to India.

As far as we think, if Avengers drones are fulfilling the needs of Indian air force, we should buy them as soon as sale is approved.

As per your views, Should India focus on DRDO led indigenous development of Drones, rather than buy Avengers drones at the huge cost of $8 Billion? Please let us know your views in comment section below.

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