Air Hogs STAR WARS Speeder Bike Drone Unboxing and First Flight11:12

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You can get one today. Highly recommended:

Air Hogs doesn’t have a good history of making drones. But they have knocked it out of the park on this one. The speeder bike and the Scout Trooper are both beautiful. In this video we take a first look, get it out of the box and go through the first battery charge.

What makes this Star Wars Speeder Bike drone really unique is that is uses a sonic module to control the height. We had mixed results on the first test. It didn’t work at all inside on soft carpet. Outside it was better and if nothing else kept it from flying away.

Overall this model is BEAUTIFUL. The controls are MUCH better than the “Ultimate” Millennium Falcon Drone. The sticks have a great subtle feel and they have working trim buttons so you can lock it in.

In this video I’m kind of all over the place with it, most of that is due to looking at the camera. When I just stand and fly it it is outstanding!

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