Arx 5R 4S high speed LOS passes and crash testing07:20


Built up my Quad Star Drones Arx 5R 4S and took it out for a little LOS testing since I was waiting for my micro FPV camera to arrive. I was not disappointed with the performance. It’s a really snappy, super responsive quad and it’s quite fast. I only flew two 1000mAh packs on it as it was 95F outside. I managed to break an arm on what appeared to be a minor crash, the last pack curse is real! Took me about 15 mins to replace once I got home.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this setup and am excited to fly it FPV. I’m running an F3 omnibus board and Betaflight removed the GPS features, so no top speed reading on this one this setup until I rebuild it with an F4 board.

Telemetry and black box logs showed that I was pulling +9.8g’s on punch outs in cooler weather.


Flight controller: Omnibus F3
ESC: 4in1 30A don’t know what brand.

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