Banshee Akira 5″ Build Video Test Fly – Betaflight 3.1.5 BLHeli S 16.5 – Tmotor F40 PRO07:20


everything from the nice easy build to it flying like butter, this frame really kicks butt and after a mild speed crash with not a smeck of damage, i have really been surprised. It handles amazingly and the body has a different feel to most, it felt like i could have less tilt and go just as fast , not really a freestyle frame but its definately floaty and can be used for freestyle. Cannot wait! to race this bad boy in with some fast pilots and see how she goes.
Coming from KISS Everything on all my builds back to a betaflight setup, i am amazed at the new firmware and how smooth it flies Betaflight 3.1.5 and blheli 16.5 on default PIDS, now to give it atune and see its true potential. loving this frame and these f40 pro motors…
THANKYOU AND – Banshee Frames facebook page – Banshee Frames Web Store
Where to get the Banshee Akira Now!!!

Banshee Akira 5″ Frame
Tmotor F40vii PRO 2400 kv Motors
Aikon SEFM 30A ESC’s – Oneshot125
HGLRC All In One Flight Controller F3 with OSD and PDB
TBS Unify Pro 5v 25/200mw race version
Foxeer Arrow V2 FPV Camera
Spektrum DSMX SAT Reciever
Other Banshee Frames and Multirotorinsanity Frames
get your F$0 vii PRO Motors here
Get Your Aikon 30A ESCs Here
Get Your Hq Props From
Get A All In One Flight Controller F3 with VTX OSD Current meter and PDB

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