Blheli_32 Setup Guide Overview12:53

In this guide i walk you through how to setup Blheli_32 / Blheli32 escs. I go over the basic information of what you need to know then go over all the features.
Download the configurator from here

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Cheapest Fantastic Motors Highly Reccomended (for a low budget build)
2206 Size

2207 Size

2306 Size

Radio Taranis QX7

Goggles Dominator V3


Dal Cyclones Props 5046


Pagoda Antennas

Omnibus F4

Budget Quadcopter Build (fast and cost effective)

DYS Samguk Series Wei 2207 2300KV Motors

Racestar PG30 Blheli_32 30A Escs

Eachine TX5258 Video Transmitter (If you can find one that supports smart audio the better)

Caddix Turbo E0S1 (budget Camera or for more any runcam swift)

Flight Controller

AIO Flight Controller Option

Realacc RX5 Frame (better)

Realacc Flywin Frame 220mm (cheaper)

CNHL 1300 or 1500
Tattu R line (expensive worth it?)

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