DJI Phantom 4 Speed Test + Quick Drone Video Tip12:35


DJI Phantom 4 Speed Test + Quick Drone Video Tip

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How fast is the Sport Mode in the new Phantom 4? FAST! While it didn’t break the sound barrier it did almost his 50MPH (48.6)!

This video I show you how to enable multiple flight mode, switch to sport mode, and also give you a quick tip on how to keep the Phantom’s propellers out of your shot when do very fast shots that put the Phantom at an extreme angle.

When you fly in Sport mode there are a few considerations to make. Since the Phantom 4 is going fast it is WAY more responsive. It ascends and descends way faster, turn a lot faster and you need more space for maneuvering and stopping.

It is a lot easier to get yourself into a situation in sport mode so just make sure above everything else to give yourself more room so you have a bigger buffer to recover any issues you may have.

Batteries go down a bit quicker as well. I have done a Sport Mode battery test yet but I will.

Gear used in this Video:
Camera 1 – Canon C100MKii :
Canon 18-135 IS USM:
DJI Go App
Drink Portable Router
Tripods – Benro S8 kit for Video:
Rode VideoLink: Wireless Mic:

Links to Phantom 4 at BH:

Phantom 4 w/2 extra batteries:

Phantom 4

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