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Here’s another drone review. Got this at The DAMING DM003 micro drone. It’s a very quiet and stealthy 6-axis 4 channel micro drone with the capability to do push button 360 stunts and auto pilot. It also has the capability of switching the leds off for a stealthing flight. Being one of the quietest drones I’ve seen in it’s size class, it has a 3.7v 300Mah battery. You can upgrade it to a 380Mah battery, I’ll include that in another video. I do recommend this drone and will link it below. Pending stocking limitations, it was a going at a sub $20 price, but may resort to it’s normal pricing at any time. Any way you look at it, the DM003 is a great purchase, and you can choose 1 of 2 transmitters, the big black one (100 meter) or the smaller white one (50 meter).

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