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Probably, this was my the longest running project that I finished (not counting abandoned ones) since I’ve started it around September 2016, right after I got a 3D printer. There was always something else to do. But finally, this thing is done!

But first things first. What is dualcopter? How it is designed? It’s a kind of multirotor drone with two motors and two servos. In my case, motors and propellers are coaxial and provide thrust and yaw control, while servos and control surfaces are responsible for roll and pitch control. In theory, should work like a charm. Practice is like always a little different…

Problems I’ve found:
– almost no control during takeoff
– no control during descending
– you tilt it too much, you loos stability
– second, bottom propeller adds very little to the thrust
– and few minors

But it flies! Crappy but flies. And it even survived one crash. Dualcopter did not survived the second crash but that was expected. 3D printed PLA does not last long.

– Motors: Multistar 2213 935KV
– Propellers: APM 1045 MR
– ESC: Afro 20A
Flight controller: SP Racing F3 running INAV 2.0 with a custom mixer
– RC: iRangeX IRX-IR8M with FrSky D8 receiver

Ah, I will be designing a smaller 3D printed dualcopter. I’m in a process of designing this thing right now. This time with 5-inch propellers and multirotor parts. Maybe this one will be flying better?

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