Eachine Lizard 95 Speed Test | Torret 110 | Grayson Gold Wizard 4S | Fastest Race Drone | Radar Gun17:44


We speed test the Eachinee Lizard 95, Blade Torrent 110 on 3S, Eachine Wizard on 4S and the Blade Torrent on 2S.

There are alot of factors to speed pid tuning, battery quality, props, pilot along with many other environmental factors.

To the best of our ability we made all things equal by using the same prop, batteries, radar gun, and time, location.

We always are asked why cannot I not use higher voltage packs on my quad. Pay close attention to the Torrent on 3S (11.1v), notice how it does not fly smooth, this is because the Torrent in this video was tuned for 2S.

LongBow Lipos –

WildScorpian Lipos

Eachine Lizard 95

Eachine Grayson Tuned Wizard

Due to issues with the manufacturer, we now HIGHLY recommend the GT micro-series from diatone.


New to Drones? Check out our personal buying guide for all levels.

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