Emax 250 Nighthawk 5×4.5 Bullnose Props on a 4S???

This was a test of the new EMax 250 with new 1806 2280kv motors and new 12A ESC’s with the DAL 6×4.5 props, cut down to 5×4.5 Bull-Nose on a 1000mah 45-90C 4S. I flew the old one on a 4S, no problems!!! Jon (Pudsey-Rc) flew his at the same time with the 2204 Emax motors, but with different 12A ESC’s mounted on the arms and using 5×4.5 Bull-Nose props and had no problems.
Yet I think my ESC’s overheated and reduced power, hence my forced landing! My ESC’s are mounted altogether under the main board and so the heat mounts up as they heat each other up. So I think that 5×3 props are my maximum on a 4S with these ESC’s.

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