Endurance Quad Build: Building the quadcopter and test hover15:42


28OCT18 UPDATE: For all of you worried about the magnetometer being affected by something as it’s on the front of the model – don’t be 😉 The mag isn’t working (tried three GPS/Mag units of two types, rewired it and reduced the i2c speed to 100k with no luck) and I’m now suspecting the Flight Controller has a problem as others are using the same setup and it’s working fine. For those of you who can’t mount the MAG far away from power lines or worry about interference – see my video on MuMetal 😉 Happy flying and thanks for all the comments..

Standard BFF Frame: https://theflynoshop.com/product/bff/
E300 motors and props – https://www.dji.com/e300 ( I have the props with more pitch than these here)
FC I’m planning to use – https://www.speedybee.com/speedy-bee-f4-aio-flight-controller/
Li-Ion packs – https://www.3dxr.co.uk/product-category/li-ion-batteries/
Thrust test rig – https://ban.ggood.vip/er3
Thermal imager – https://ban.ggood.vip/1p5x

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