ESC electronic speed controller with arduino ALL EXPLAINED19:31

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Build an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
This video tutorial has a lot of theory in it. I’ve tried to explain all the steps that I’ve followed while building an ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER. The project last more than 3 months because I had to understand all the electromagnetic laws, check all the components specifications and design the board in souch a way that it would have all the desired requirements.

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Learn how the esc switch work: 0:48
Learn about electromotive force: 6:20
Learn about zero crossing detection: 8:24
Schematic, components, code and build: 10:19

Also check the webpage tutorial:


Top PCB circuit:
Bottom PCB circuit:
Full PCB circuit:
Components list:
Design Spark project:


Test video 1 (bjt transistors):
Test video 2 (NO-EMF):
Test video 3 (EMF detect):

Design Spark tutorial:

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