Folding FPV Camera Drone Skytech TK110HW REVIEW03:20


Skytech Foldable Drone ➜
This is the Skytech TK110HW foldable drone. It has WiFi FPV camera, altitude hold, 360 flips, and folding arms for compact convenience.
-0.3MP camera with wifi fpv, controlled via phone app
-Transmission distance rated: 150 ft
-Wifi Video distance rated: 100 ft (I found this to be much shorter distance in my tests)
-Battery: 850mAh, rated to give 6-7 minutes of flight time, and about 1-2 hrs to recharge
-“Waypoints”: pretty gimmicky, did not work very well, especially if the quad is drifting in the wind, not enough time to draw a path
-High/Low speed modes: I clocked in a top speed around 13-14 MPH

-Pocket Radar Speed Gun I use:
-Huge thanks to DZ Drones for the help:
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