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Back in the 5” quad and HD video after 4 months of micro flying…

A lot has happened since the last video with this 5” quad, the RealACC X210. For the last two months I have slowly been upgrading It with a new receiver, updated Betaflight and ESC firmware trying out BF 3.2.5 and BF 3.3. However, on it’s maiden flight a few weeks ago I had a small crash into the scraggly canopy of a tiny tree and to my disbelief the quad suffered an ESC fire as a result, destroying a motor with it.

I rebuilt it using all new motors and ESC’s. I went for the T Motor F60 Pro II naked bottom motors and Speedix IS 30 amp DSHOT ESC’s sourced from Quadcopters UK. Unfortunately after getting it back in the air again It was now suffering from bad oscillations on stock PID’s.

Thankfully Farmer FPV / NorCal Rob came to the rescue and spoke to me through WhatsApp from the USA and provided some much needed help and input to the setup to rid these oscillations…on testing it today they have now gone and I can pick up the 5” where I left off some 4 months ago.

A very big thank you to my care bear buddy Farmer FPV! Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/bayareaheli – he’s a top man and I’m obviously extremely grateful for his kind help.

Basic Gear:
XRacer F303 FC/ Betaflight 3.2.1
Flysky FSi6 Tx / Flysky X6B Rx
Speedix IS30A ESC / DSHOT 600
T Motor F60 Pro II 2207/2500kv Naked bottom motor
HQ 5×4.3×3 v1s prop
REALACC X210 Lightweight racing frame: 488g AUW
Dronelab Chaos series 1300Mah 150C lipo
Runcam HD2 1080p/60fps.
Fatshark Dominator SE Goggle

Hello to my bear family lol -baby bear is back!

I hope you enjoy the new setup 🙂

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