Full Speed Eaglet 85

Eaglet 85:




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12 Responses

  1. Alex Seward says:

    TheRcSaylors challenge you to fly a drone with transmitter behind your back!!

  2. MicroRCFiend says:

    Crikey dude you’re on fire recently, micro crazy over there!

  3. Wray Smith says:

    AndyRC the Rc Saylor’s ant to challenge you to fly a drone with the controller behind your back. No joke you can ask them   “_”

  4. yomi miyamura says:

    yeah, keep ’em micro quads comin’
    love your reviews andy, cheers

  5. RC-Fan NL says:

    I did have a FoD with it, using the same battery, so brownout isn’t very likely. Haven’t changed Digital Idle yet though. As for reaching the USB connector, I use the 90-degree adapters that HGL-Tech supplies with some of their quads: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1ETeHQVXXXXXyapXXxh4dFXXX2/New-Arrival-font-b-RC-b-font-Model-L-Type-Right-Angle-Connector-font-b-RC.jpeg

  6. Quintin Paulson says:

    Another great vid!!!.. Don’t forget to answer the RCSailors and fly your next drone behind your back!. 🙂

    Keep up the great vids!

  7. William Lees says:

    Looks pretty good for large indoor spaces or just protecting everything in a crash. The market is full of brushless micros at the moment so I am a little tired of hearing about them (not getting tired of flying them though). Full Speed makes quite a few interesting models.

  8. Javi FPV says:

    You know that by putting it like the stock inductrix came that wat that’s eliminated and flies much better by reversing the motors an switching around props

  9. Brodaty Zbir says:

    Omg this best on DYS ELF

  10. Lewis Lee says:

    Good job bro

  11. Just looking says:

    I´m curious of how you go about, tuning away that flairing problem. My DYS Elf83 was doing that too and even more when I changed the the prop rotation direction, more crashing, but a clean lens 😉

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