GKhan255 6inch Freestyle – Maiden flights (4S5S) – 2407 2500KV – Gemfan 604208:21

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These are the first flights with my 6inch Freestyle Quad the GKhan255!
4S Flights: 0:16 – 5:50
5S Flight: 5:52 – 8:20
Did some soft freestyle and tested the setup if it runs reliable on this motor prop combo with a pretty high KV for 6″. These Sumax 2407 2500KV motors seem to spin those props with ease, they came down barely warm after each flight even with 5S.

I really like the feel of this quad, so easy to throw it around, massive torque on tap, for freestyle this is awesome 🙂 . Still need to tune the PID’s more there is room left for a bit more responsive and stiffness especially on the yaw axis.

Iam unsure if i will run it on 4S or 5S since it ran pretty efficient but still with very good power on 4S but became inefficient at 5S at the last throttle steps, voltage sag of my (old) turnigy graphene was also really bad but on my 5″ GKhan it is okay so iam assuming iam a bit over the optimal max rpm and all it does is just drain more amps on last let’s say ~7% throttle.
Still nice to see the Racerstar REV35 is taking all of this abuse without any problems, no twitches or something it runs butter smooth, fantastic ESC for the money!

Sorry if it became a little boring on this empty field but actually these were maiden flights and i chose this spot in case the quad does a death roll or something so i can find it quickly and to avoid damage.

Serious Freestyle footage coming soon with this quad 🙂

Setup/Used parts:

GKhan255 Frame ( from Stand-in quad design / Vendor is Stefan van der Ende )
(NEW) https://shop.almondracing.com/

ESC: Racerstar REV35 BLHeli_S 3-6S :

Flight Controller: Hobbywing XRotor Omnibus F4 :

PDB+VTX: Matek FCHUB-VTX + Panasonic 1000uf 50V LowESR Cap :

Camera: Foxeer Predator Mini V2 PAL 1200TVL 4:3 SuperWDR :

Receiver: Flysky X6B on iBus :

RX Antennas: 3dBi Dipole with UFL plug :

Propeller: Gemfan Flash 6042 twinblade:

VTX Antenna: Linear Dipole Antenna

Motors: SUMAX Creation 2407 2500KV

Tattu 4S 75C 1550mAh :
Turnigy 5S Graphene 65C 1300mAh :

Other Parts:

Radio RC TX: Jumper T8SG V2.0 Plus :

FPV Goggles: Eachine VR D2 Pro :

VRX Antenna (1) AOMWAY 5.8G Linear 5dBi High Gain omnidirectional:

VRX Antenna (2) Menace Bandicoot:

TX Antenna: VAS Folded Dipole :

Software Specs:
Betaflight 3.4.1
15% TPA
Gyro Looptime: 8khz
PID’s Looptime:8khz
ESC Protocol: DSHOT600
Anti Gravity @5
Gyro Lowpass Filter PT1 (100Hz) + Dual DTerm Lowpass Filter (100Hz+200Hz) + Dynamic Filter , no static Gyro Notch
iTerm Rotation ON (default)
Throttle Boost : 0
iTerm Relax: Roll / Pitch
RC Filter: Auto interpolation + Filter ( all axis )
DTerm Setpoint: 1
DTerm transition: 0
Rates: All axis @1000deg/sec / RP: 0.30 expo / Y: 0.15 expo
BLHeli changes: Timing: medium-high

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