GPS back to Normal. 700+ Meter, High Speed Run-Out. MJX Bugs 2W

Couple of Big birds out there, still feel like I’m in the Test Phase of this Quad. Lol

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4 Responses

  1. md 95tsi says:

    Wait was Your gps on the fritz? Because Chris riley has a gps issue with the Bugs 2c wondering if the same Thanks for sharing nerves of steel 700+ meters hmm no lol with My solo for sure Brother but not the little Guy lmao

  2. md 95tsi says:

    I will push mine one day indeed

  3. Chris Riley says:

    glad to see yours is flying good again.

  4. md 95tsi says:

    I took Me Bugs2 out 999 meters + Yea it was sketchy lmao video coming Brother

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