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I like the Haktoys 908F FPV quadcopter but it is a little pricey. I would expect this quadcopter to sell for around $100. I don’t recommend flying this quadcopter FPV because it is wifi based. Wifi based FPV systems are laggy and cut in and out. If you really want to learn how to fly FPV than get a Hubsan H107D or a FPV enabled Blade Nano QX with some Fat Shark goggles. Those guys will set you back more money but they will do what you want them to do. That being said, the FPV cam on this quadcopter is ok. I flew it line of sight and used the FPV to line up pictures and to take some videos.

The quad flies nice and easy, I was very happy with it’s flight characteristics. The radio is nothing fancy but it gets the job done. The camera on this quad is pretty decent and it is adjustable. There are three flight modes, 30%, 60% and 100% and these all affect the bank angle and consequently the speed of the quad. For 100% mode, the quad just starts flipping and I would have much more preferred a very aggressive bank angle so I could rip this quad through the air. The 60% bank angle gets it moving pretty good though.

The free app that you download is actually pretty good as well, I will give Haktoys that. You can even control the quad from the app, in addition to snapping photos and recording videos. The videos are in the H.264 format and were very easy to get off of my iPhone.

Now, for a couple of things that I did not like about this quad. Number 1 is the price, I feel this should be about $100. Number 2 is the flimsy propguards, I flew this quad a few times and only after a few flights I had already snapped some of the prop guard supports. You will definitely want these on if you are trying to fly FPV. I didn’t like the battery being stored up in the quad either. While it is secure, this is not the best design. I have seen other quads that provide two batteries at this price point and even one with a USB charger that would allow you to charge both at the same time! Unfortunately, here you have one battery and it is behind some screws. The flight times on these quads are so short as is, so why not help the user out and provide an extra battery and make it easy for them to swap out?

While the battery is a disappointment, it is not a deal breaker. This quad still does most things right. Personally, I don’t like wifi based FPV systems, I like 5.8 GHz systems but they cost a heck of a lot more. I was a bit surprised with this one and had fun with it.

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