Helio spring FC and Hyperlite 2207 1722kv review Not really11:38

If you are looking for an in depth review, this is not it. If you just want to see another flight in my yard then this is the video for you. Flying starts at 8:00 I rambled on for 8 freaking minutes, so feel free to skip dat! Love the way this setup flies, will continue to try to adjust things to make it fly better. Going to try to fly it on 32k/32k with multishot as well.

Current pids and rates. butterflight 3.5.1 rc8
imu-f filter settings are 3500/3500/2300
Dterm notch enabled default setting
Wraith32 escs auto timing 48mhz pwm rate
16k/16k cpu load 11% no overclocking
Using youtube as my tuning log!

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