High End 450 Quadcopter – E04 Taranis X8R

everything taranis in here!

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9 Responses

  1. RcCopterGuy says:

    Thanks for this awesome part. I thought I knew how to configure the
    Taranis, but I still could learn some more. Thanks.

  2. acgkplh says:

    I own a Futaba T8j but still watched the vid anyway! I can always dream of
    ownig one with my Votex. It’s always great to get a YouTube notification of
    a new video from you Andy.

  3. Tidus AR says:

    absolutely informative as usual. Top man

  4. Chad Griggs says:

    You’re videos are always so helpful. Thanks!

  5. rayikaikin says:

    im so lost when it comes to my teranis so thanks for the easy to understand
    directions :)

  6. Jarno Koning says:

    Loving this series

  7. Michael Thompson says:

    I’m a sucker for a talking computer. Very cool!

  8. johnny matrix says:

    thanks just what I needed to my own project where I build x4 ( alien ) from
    hobby king,

  9. Perma Psy says:

    Hi Andy. I don’t know how the controllers work. I want to make sure I get
    one which can control the flight direction and the gimbal simultaneously
    i.e not have to press a switch. Does your one in this video do that?

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