high speed maiden first flight 13g brushless motors sub 250g quadcopter UAS Pre FPV test Feb 16 201602:37

Audio volume warming. KK2.1 1.9S1 Steveis LD-Power 1306-3100KV 1300mah 7.4V 2S 25-50C 5030 props KHT6A V2 TX RX, scratch built 14g frame from a TrueValue Hardware wood yardstick $0.79. 6 minutes of flight hammering it full throttle for 1-2 seconds out every 20. On board camera SJ1000 with front metal face cover removed (the SJ1000 is heavier than the onboard FPV equipment will be), swapped out lens. Ecalc.com puts simular mfrs motors top speed setups at around 32mph. To keep the weight down trimming of motor and ESC wires and connectors are required. I used 2 small brass washers for distribution, and covered them with heat shrink. To keep it under 250g, I’ll have to make a pit stop and load a fresh battery once every 6-10 minutes or so. In USA I’ll plan on using FPV FT951 5.8GHz Video Transmitter 25mW Full FCC and CE Certification found at hobbyking.com. Some people are running similar 1306-3100KV motors such as DYS, RC Timer on 3S 11.1V for additional speed and power, don’t know if these can run on 3S 11.1V, I’m thinking they might be able to, another factor is if the ESC can handle the 3S.

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