How to Build A FPV Freestyle Drone ( Armattan Rooster )1:17:05

Here is my first Drone / qwad build video .Its an Armattan Rooster all parts will be listed below if you wanna build along with me 🙂 if you only after a certain part of the build ive also included a index 🙂

Parts Used in Build

Frame Armattan Rooster
Flight Controller Armattan CL Racing F4S

Video TX TBS Unify Pro 5g8

ESC’s Spedix GS35 35a 2-6s 32bit

Motors Xing 2207 2450kv

Camera Caddx Turbo Micro SDR2 Plus

Remote Receiver Frsky XM+ Plus 16ch receiver

Propellers Dal Cyclone v2 Tri blade 5046

Antenna Furious Fpv Antenna

Extra Bolts Kit 3m carbon steel

Index :

Prepperation 0:02:05

Parts List 0:03:50

Building arms 0:07:43

Building Frame 0:31:10

Soldering Battery Lead 0:38:06

Soldering Flight Controller 0:50:29

soldering VTX wires 0:56:24

Soldering cam wires 0:58:56

Soldering TX 1:05:20

Soldering Led Wires 1:08:27

Final Thoughts 1:15:44

I hope you Enjoyed i put so much work in to this and loved Every Minute will be some new flight videos when i can fix my go pro 🙁
i think the Wireless Melted while doing the build 😛

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