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Its been just under 3 years since I put out a flight video called Howl. I didn’t realize it at the time but that video was part what sparked a journey I have been on for years now. I think back to 2017 and the challenges I was facing and it was all so different! I have overcome so much that once seemed insurmountable… and now I feel… that I am still facing insurmountable challenges. You never “make it”. You only earn the opportunity to take on harder things.

Howl like a Flow Wolf!


— Drone Gear —

Skyeliner HD Built and Tuned:

Skyeliner HD Parts Breakdown:

Skyeliner HD frame:
Hypetrain Le Drib 2305 2650kV:
Hobbywing Stack:
DJI Air Unit:

Transmitter & Goggles:
DJI Digital FPV Goggles:
DJI FPV Radio:
DJI Radio Griptape:
Better Stickends:

Tools & Other Gear:
Torvol Backpack:
TS100 Soldering Iron:
Electric Screwdriver:

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